Palmistry Sun or Apollo Lines – Inner Peace, Here We Come

This month I’ve been meditating more than usual. As a result I’ve noticed my Apollo Lines are deepening…woohoo! These are vertical or slightly curve lines running up your palms, ending below the Apollo (ring) finger. Most people have an inch or two of Apollo Line, especially above their heart line (age 50+).

The presence of one or more Apollo (or Sun) Lines in your hand shows that you are capable of feeling inner peace. It also signals that your Third Eye Chakra is open and healthy. In traditional Palmistry, a Sun line indicates public success but I believe it also shows that a person is grateful for what they have, be it their love life, career and/ or spirituality.A Sun Line enhances your ability to channel intuitive messages, as well as produce striking and original works of art, literature or music. Many performers have this Line.

Do you have a Sun Line? If not, don’t despair, you can easily grow one by taking up music, meditation, yoga, hiking, or other pursuits which emphasise listening to your heart and being quiet on the inside. As your levels of optimism and creativity develop, so will your Sun Line.

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